Zen Font with Drain

Use to Create a Separate Drinks Station
Black or white glass


The Zen Font provides a stylish, sleek solution for installing a Zen tap or Crystal Pure tap where access to a sink is unavailable or not desired.



• Stunning tempered glass design
• High quality chrome grille and stainless steel font bowl
• Surround comes in two contemporary glass finishes, black or white
• Special order colours available at additional cost
• Font with integrated drain allows easy disposal of waste water
• Access to a drain is required
• Easy to clean
• Low maintenance
• Suitable for use with the Zen Solo, Zen Spa, Ice Solo, Ice Spa and Crystal Pure taps
• Not suitable for use with a Zen Life which must be mounted over a sink

Technical Specification

Tempered glass

Font Bowl
Stainless steel

Electro polished stainless steel - - diameter 125mm

Required hole diameter for mounting the tap 32mm. Sink/ counter top up to 50mm thick.

Required hole diameter for mounting the bowl 127mm.

The distance from the centre of the tap hole to the centre of the font bowl is 142mm.

Standard sink trap size, 34mm waste pipe.

Standard Warranty
2 years parts or replacement warranty.

Data Tables

Product CodeColourDrain
Product CodeHeight* (mm)Length (mm)Width (mm)Weight (kg)

*Height includes the drain, excluding the drain, the height is 28mm.