Zen Solo 100°C

Boiling Water Tap
3 and 6 litre boiling water tank


A Zen Solo dedicated boiling water tap is a stylish, modern, time and space saving addition to any kitchen. It replaces the need for a traditional kettle in the home, or counter top/ wall mounted boiling water unit in the office.

Instant boiling water is ideal for a wide range of kitchen uses including tea and coffee making, providing a quick start for boiling rice, pasta and vegetables and soaking oven dishes.

The Zen Solo can be installed over a sink or with the stylish, tempered glass design Zen Font.



• Dedicated boiling water tap
• Instant true boiling 100°C water
• Time saving – provides instant hot water so no waiting for the kettle to boil
• Space saving – frees up worktop space by eliminating the need for a kettle
• Energy saving – no energy wasted boiling more water than is required
• Innovative aerogel insulation
• Smart technology algorithms learn and predict usage: on when you need it, off when you don't
• Energy efficient - standing loss only 17 W for 3L boiling tank and 20 W for 6L model
• High flow rate over 3 l/m and high initial capacity makes it quick and easy to use.
• Designed and assembled in the UK
• 360° swivel tap
• Standard tap finish is polished chrome
• Other finishes available at additional cost
• Dispensed water temperature can be adjusted down to 98°C on installation if required
• Cool touch insulated tap
• Status ring on the base of the tap to indicate ready or heating (green/ red LED)
• Safety lock
• Available with 3 or 6 litre boiling tank
• Power rating 1.60 kW for 3 litre model and 2.84 kW for 6 litre model
• Must be fitted with initial scale filter (F5SST) supplied for inlet to boiling tank
• Supplied with expansion vessel and pressure relief valve
• Can be fitted with the stylish Zen Font with Drain
• Recovery Rate 90 cups/ 60 mugs per hour for 3 litre model and 160 cups/ 107 mugs per hour for 6 litre model based on 167 ml cup and 250 ml mug

Technical Specification

Outer Casing
Tap-polished chrome finish as standard
Tank-durable high impact PC/ ABS

Water Tank
High quality grade 316L stainless steel

Heating Element

Electronic to control water up to boiling point

Highly efficient aerogel thermal insulation

Initial Draw off
3 litre model - 18 cups/ 12 mugs based on 167 ml cup and 250 ml mug.
6 litre model - 36 cups/ 24 mugs based on 167 ml cup and 250 ml mug.

Overheat temperature protection (manual re-set).

Safety lock mechanism.

Supplied expansion vessel and pressure relief valve must be fitted.

IP Rating

This appliance must be installed in a frost free environment.

Required hole diameter for mounting tap 32mm – fits in a standard sink. Sink/ counter top up to 50mm thick.

The dispensed water temperature can be adjusted down to 98°C on installation if required.

Must be installed by a suitably qualified person.

Intended for connection to the mains water supply.

Minimum water pressure 1 bar.

Maximum water pressure 4.2 bar. If higher than this a pressure reducing valve is required.

Supplied expansion vessel and pressure relief valve must be fitted.

Electrical Connection
Installation must comply with current IET wiring regulations.

Supplied with a pre-wired (1m) BS plug.


Standard Warranty
2 years parts or replacement warranty. Supplied scale filter must be fitted and changed at least every 6 months otherwise the warranty may be void.

Data Tables

Product CodeCapacity (litres)Heat Up Time (mins)Standing Loss (kWh/day)*
SOLO3L3120.42 17 W
SOLO6L6140.50 20 W
Product CodeHeight (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Weight (kg) EmptyWeight (kg) Full
ZEN Solo Tap (all models)288152491.1 -
ZEN Solo 3L Tank4601822215.88.8
ZEN Solo 6L Tank4602202706.712.7