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Drinking Water Filters

Taste, odour, scale


A water filter is often fitted with our boiling and chilled water products to provide high quality, great tasting drinking water. There are two general types of filter available.

Taste and odour carbon block filters help to improve the taste of drinking water by removing some of the chlorine present in UK mains water; these filters are ideal for cold/ chilled water supply.

Scale inhibiting filters are strongly recommended for use with boiling water products, particularly when installed in areas where scale is a known issue. This type of filter also offers chlorine reduction and helps to improve the taste.



• Quick and easy to change filters
• Automatic water shut off head
• Choice of filters to suit a variety of applications
• All filter models reduce chlorine, improving taste and odour
• F2ST and F5SST models inhibit scale build up, reducing service costs associated with scale removal
• Does not remove important minerals from water, unlike most reverse osmosis or iron exchange units
• Integral mounting bracket
• All filters are WRAS approved
• Check system is suitable for the water quality in your area
• Scale maps of the UK are readily available online, please refer to these for information regarding water quality in your area
• For help choosing the most appropriate filter please contact our sales team
• Some products are supplied with a filter - please check relevant product page

Technical Specification

Wall mounting bracket integral to the filter system.

Flush filter for 5 minutes prior to use.

F1T and F2ST
1/4” push fit

3/8” push fit

Replacement Cartridges
Product codes in the data tables are for the full filter system including the head.

For replacement cartridges add suffix ‘CAR’ to the required product code.

F1T and F2ST: Replace cartridge after 6 months or when capacity is reached, whichever is sooner.

F5SST: Replace cartridge after 9 months or when capacity is reached, whichever is sooner.

If the water flow rate becomes slow this is an indication that the filter cartridge needs replacing.

Fitting a filter does not negate the need to service and descale your unit at regular intervals.


Standard Warranty
Filters are warranted for defects in material and workmanship only.

F1T and F2ST: 6 months
F5SST: 9 months

Data Tables

Product CodeFunctionTaste & Odour ImprovementScale ReductionUse For
F1TChlorine reduction in cold water systemsYesNoCold drinking water supply
F2STAs F1T plus scale control (up to 300 ppm) in moderate hard water areas for low throughput products*YesYesOmega, Microboil
F5SSTAs F1T plus scale control (up to 300 ppm) in moderate hard water areas for high throughput products*YesYesOmega, Microboil, Zen boiling water supply

*ppm = parts per million CAC03

Product CodeParticle Filtration (micron)Flow Rate (l/m)Capacity (L)
Product CodeHeight (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Weight (kg)