Powerflow Smart

Unvented Multipoint Wall Mounted

30, 50, 80 and 100 litre


Suitable for hand washing and dish washing where a number of hot water outlets are required such as kitchens, schools, restaurants, washrooms, healthcare environments and offices. The ideal solution for light industrial, commercial and light domestic hot water requirements.

Selection Guide (approximate depending on usage)
3 – 5 basins: PF30S
4 – 6 basins: PF50S
5 – 8 basins: PF80S
7 – 11 basins or 1 bed/1 shower: PF100S

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• Slender slimline design
• Mains pressure flow rates
• Smart technology gives high energy efficiency
• Three modes of operation, standard, smart and eco
• Eco mode at 50°C
• Erp ratings A 30L, B 50, 80 and 100L
• Can be used with regular taps, including mixers
• 3.0 kW element for fast heat up time
• 1.0 kW element available for restricted load applications
• Digital control panel
• Neon element on indicator
• Patented technology ensures incoming cold water does not immediately mix with stored hot water in the tank making more hot water available
• External electronic temperature control
• Glass lined tank, 3 year tank warranty
• Comes complete with unvented accessory kit
• Flow Through Kits now available (see Flow Through Kits)
• Optional thermostatic mixing valve available
• Wall mounted, connections to the base
• Cable pre-wired (1.5m)

Technical Specification

Outer Casing
White powder coated steel

Heating Element
Stainless steel incoloy

Electronic 30 - 70°C

Water Tank
Glass lined steel

Replaceable grey magnesium anode (inspect at least annually or more regularly in scale/ aggressive water conditions)

High density polyurethane foam (CFC free)

Overheat temperature protection (manual reset).
Factory fitted temperature and pressure relief valve (set at 7 bar 90°C).
Pressure reducing valve (set at 3 bar).
Pressure relief valve at 6 bar.
Use with a thermostatic mixing valve to maintain hot water supplied to user at constant, safe temperature.

IP Rating

Must be wall mounted vertically with inlet/ outlet connections at base.
Allow at least 500mm below and 200mm above the heater to facilitate future maintenance.
Access to the thermal cut-out and element is located at base of unit.

Unvented Accessory Kit
Supplied kit must be fitted.
Contains expansion vessel with fixing bracket (5L for PF30S & PF50S, 8L for PF80S & PF100S**), inlet group manifold incorporating pressure relief valve, pressure reducing valve, check valve and balanced off take, flexible hose and 2 tundishes.

Must be installed by a suitably qualified person.
Minimum water pressure 1 bar.
Maximum water pressure to pressure reducing valve 12 bar.
Working water pressure 3 bar.

Water Connection
Inlet/outlet connection 1/2” BSP male. (100mm apart centre to centre)
Fittings required (not supplied): 2 x 15mm compression to 1/2” BSP female adapter.

Electrical Connection
Installation must comply with current IET regulations.
The product should be connected to the fixed wiring of the property via a suitably rated isolating switch with a contact separation of at least 3mm in all poles.

CE, UKCA, KIWA, Building Regulations

Standard Warranty
1 year parts or replacement warranty on electrical components.
3 year tank warranty.

Data Tables

Product CodeCapacity (litres)Power (kW)Heat Up Times (mins)*Standing Loss (kWh/day)

* Minimum theoretical heat up time for 70% tank capacity from 10°C to 60°C

Product CodeHeight (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Weight Empty (kg)Weight Full (kg)

** Expansion vessel dimensions, 5L H 275mm x D 170mm, 8L H 305mm x D 220mm (excluding threads)

Energy Efficiency

The Energy Related Products (ErP) Directive and Energy Labelling Directive require that from September 2015 all water heaters in scope meet minimum energy performance criteria and have energy labels which provide the energy ration of the product. The classifications range from A++; this being the most efficient and coded in green to a rating of G; this being less efficient and coded in red.

Such ratings provide transparency of efficiency and a comparable benchmark for water heating products, as standardised European Energy Labels are used.

This website contains the energy class for all relevant water heating products. The full energy label and product fiche information for the Powerflow Smart range can be found below