Handyflow Undersink

Vented Point of Use
5 litres


Ideal for occasional use light dish washing at a single kitchen sink in the workplace, for example portable buildings, offices, shops, workshops, garages and other small commercial premises.

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• Open outlet heater to supply hot water to a single sink
• Ideal when economy and ease of installation are the key priorities
• Stylish design and slimline profile – depth only 7” (180mm)
• Can be installed in an under-sink cupboard giving less visual impact than the Handyflow Oversink
• Comes complete with vented mixer tap and hoses
• Thermal cut-out can be re-set rather than requiring to be replaced
• 2.0 kW element
• External temperature control with frost protection setting
• Neon element on indicator
• Cable pre-wired (1m) – saves time on installation
• No need for expansion vessel, relief valve or reducing valve

Technical Specification

Outer Casing
Easy clean, high impact plastic

Heating Element
Incoloy-sheathed coil

Capillary type adjustable to approx. 80⁰C
E setting approx. 55⁰C

Water Tank

High density polystyrene CFC free

Open outlet non-pressurised system, vented mixer tap must be used.

Safety re-settable thermal cut out. Frost protection setting when power is switched on.

Heating Cycle
It is normal for the vented tap on this type of unit to drip slightly during the heating cycle, caused by the water expanding as it heats up.

IP Rating

Must be sited below a sink, with the inlet and outlet connections at the top of the unit.

Must be installed by a suitably qualified person.

Minimum water pressure 0.5 bar.
Maximum water pressure 8.0 bar.

Water Connection
Cold water connection 1 x 15mm compression.
Outlet 1 x vented tap (supplied).
Fittings required (not supplied): none.


Electrical Connection
Installation must comply with current IEE regulations.

The product should be connected to the fixed wiring of the property via a double pole fused spur with a minimum break capacity of 13 amps.

Cable pre-wired (1m).


Standard Warranty
1 year parts or replacement warranty.

Data Tables

Product CodeCapacity (litres)Power (kw)Heat Up Time (mins) *Standing Loss (kWh/day)

* Minimum theoretical heat up time for 70% tank capacity from 10°C to 60°C

Product CodeHeight (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Weight Empty (kg)Weight Full (kg)


Spare parts are available through our stockists.

A list of spare parts available for our current range is shown below.

For further help or advice please contact our customer services team on 01924 225 200 - we can usually help, for example, help diagnosing which part you need, help if you require spare parts for obsolete models or if you need fast delivery.

Prodcut CodeDescriptionSpare Parts for Product Code
HF05LQ_ELEMENTHandyflow 2.0 kW elementHF05MVC
HF05LQCUT-OUTHandyflow thermal cut-outHF05MVC
HF05LQTHERMOHandyflow thermostatHF05MVC
HFDIALQHandlyflow thermostat control knobHF05MVC
HF05BRKTQHandyflow mounting bracketHF05MVC
HFFLEX AHandyflow undersink single hose AHF05MVC
HFFLEX BHandyflow undersink single hose BHF05MVC
HFFLEX CHandyflow undersink single hose CHF05MVC
HFFLEXSETHandyflow undersink set of flex hoses (A, B and C)HF05MVC

Energy Efficiency

The Energy Related Products (ErP) Directive and Energy Labelling Directive require that from September 2015 all water heaters in scope meet minimum energy performance criteria and have energy labels which provide the energy ration of the product. The classifications range from A++; this being the most efficient and coded in green to a rating of G; this being less efficient and coded in red.

Such ratings provide transparency of efficiency and a comparable benchmark for water heating products, as standardised European Energy Labels are used.

This website contains the energy class for all relevant water heating products. The full energy label and product fiche information for the Handyflow Undersink can be found below.