Microboil Smart

Wall Mounted Boiling Water Heater
3, 6 and 10 litre


The Microboil Smart provides instant boiling water for preparing hot drinks in the workplace. It has all the benefits of the Microboil range together with market leading energy efficiency. The Microboil Smart gives a 50% cut in standing losses versus the Microboil.

Smart technology optimises power usage. Sophisticated electronic algorithms learn and predict boiling water usage so the unit is on when you need it and off when you don’t.



  • Designed and assembled in the UK
  • 2.84 kW for fast heat up time
  • Energy efficient - standing losses for 3L model only 23 W with smart feature and 31 W without
  • High flow rate ideal for busy commercial premises
  • Pure tasting drinking water from stainless steel tank
  • Fully recyclable insulation
  • Status ring on base of the tap stem to indicate ready or heating (green/ red)
  • Robust, heavy duty tap
  • 2 way tap for precision filling cups/ mugs. Lock - on option for larger items e.g. cafetières
  • Illuminated boiling water safety warning when power on
  • Installation compatible with Microboil range
  • Simple to use and easy to install
  • Durable metal case
  • Sophisticated electronics maintain a constant supply of hot water - even when the unit is automatically re-filling after heavy usage
  • Autocalibration for optimal temperature performance
  • Suffix W - white
  • Suffix SS - stainless steel
  • It is highly recommended that a filter system is fitted to protect against limescale build up. Units may need to be de-scaled regularly. Scale damage is not covered by the warranty (see Drinking Water Filter page).
  • Technical Specification

    Outer Casing
    Steel/ stainless steel

    Heating Element

    2.84 kW, incoloy-sheathed type element

    Temperature controlled by PCB

    Water Tank
    Stainless steel

    Energy efficient moulded EPP (expanded polypropylene)

    Microboil Filter System
    Optional extra – highly recommended.

    See Drinking Water Filter page for filter options.

    IP Rating

    Recovery Rate
    Recovery rate 176 cups/ 117 mugs cups per hour for all models based on 167 ml cup and 250 ml mug.

    Install over a draining board, or work top fitted with a drip tray.

    Adequate clearance must be left above the unit to allow later removal of the cover for service and below for draining.

    Must be installed by a suitably qualified person.

    Minimum water pressure 1 bar.

    Maximum water pressure 10 bar.

    Water Connection
    Inlet/ Outlet 2 x 15mm compression.
    1 x tundish recommended.

    Electrical Connection
    Installation must comply with current IET regulations.

    The product should be connected to the fixed wiring of the property via a suitably rated isolating switch with a contact separation of at least 3mm in all poles.

    Cable pre-wired (1.5m) to the bottom left.

    It is recommended the unit is descaled every 6 months.


    Standard Warranty
    1 year on-site warranty as standard.

    3 year on-site warranty available at additional cost

    Data Tables

    Product CodeCapacity (litres)Initial Draw Off (cups / mugs)*Heat Up Time (mins)
    MS3W318 / 126
    MS3SS318 / 126
    MS6W636 / 2412
    MS6SS636 / 2412
    MS10W1062 / 4220
    MS10SS1062 / 4220

    *Initial draw off based on 167 ml cup and 250 ml mug.

    Product CodeHeight (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Weight (kg) EmptyWeight (kg) Full

    *Depth excludes the tap, for depth including tap add 90mm