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Zen Boiling and Chilled Tap Range



The Zen Boiling and Chilled tap range delivers elegant practical solutions for your domestic or commercial kitchen, providing tailored combinations of 100°C boiling water for tea and coffee making, high quality cold drinking water and kitchen hot and cold mixer tap capabilities.



Zen Tap Range

Key features of the Range

Enjoy some of the many distinctive features which optimise both efficiency and user experience, making this an elegant yet safe option for the home or office.

100°C True Boiling Water

The Zen tap range is one of only a few boiling water taps on the market which delivers instant 100°C true boiling water. Boiling water taps are causing a revolution in the kitchen. No more waiting for the kettle to boil, instant 100°C water for a wide range of kitchen uses.

Pressurised system allows water to be dispensed at 100°C.

The dispensed water temperature can be adjusted down to 98°C on installation if required.

Standing Losses 17 W

One of the most energy efficient boiling water taps available. Innovative aerogel insulation around the boiling water tank keeps energy losses to a minimum. The Zen 100°C Tap Range with 3 litre boiling water tank has standing losses of 17 W (0.41 kWh/day) and 20 W (0.5 kWh/day) for the 6 litre model.

Smart, Energy Saving Technology

No need for a programmable timer as smart technology optimises power usage. Sophisticated electronic algorithms learn and predict boiling water usage so the unit is on when you need it and off when you don’t.

This improves energy efficiency. No time is wasted programming or reprogramming a timer as algorithms are constantly updating if your usage pattern changes.

Status Ring

A status ring on the base of the tap indicates ready or heating (green/ red LED). It also indicates when the unit is in sleep mode.

Stainless Steel Boiling Water Tank

The boiling water tank is high quality grade 316L stainless steel and is available in 3 or 6 litre capacity

Safety Features

Safety lock mechanism on the boiling side and cool touch insulated tap.

Designed and assembled in the UK

At our manufacturing facility in West Yorkshire.


The full Zen range is covered by a 2 year parts or replacement warranty.

Zen Solo

Boiling water Tap

Dedicated true boiling 100°C water tap.

Zen Spa

2 in 1 Boiling and Chilled Tap

2 in 1 hot and cold drinks station. True boiling 100°C water alongside filtered cold (ambient) or filtered chilled water. 3 and 6 litre tank available - ideal for commercial specification projects.

Zen Life

Boiling Tap with Hot and Cold Mixer

True boiling 100°C water alongside standard hot and cold kitchen mixer tap capabilities. Combine with a Zen Crossover Valve to add filtered drinking water from the same tap.

Zen Crossover Valve

Use with a Zen Life to create a 4 in 1 ta

Use with a Zen Life to add optional filtered drinking water and create a 4 in 1 tap. Only filter the water you are going to drink.

Zen Font with Drain

A solution where access to a sink is unavailable or not desired. Can be used with the Zen Solo, Zen Spa, Ice Solo, Ice Spa and Crystal Pure - ideal to create a separate drinks station.

Zen Ice

Cold Drinking Water Tap Range

Choose from configurations of cold (ambient), chilled and sparkling water depending which Zen Ice tap and chiller unit you choose.