Sapphire Water Chiller

Undersink, Aluminium Heat Exchange


Discrete undersink water chiller to be used with a counter mounted tap and filter to provide instant, high quality chilled drinking water.



• Add to your Zen Spa package to provide boiling and chilled water through your 2 in 1 Zen Spa tap
• Team with one of our Zen Ice or Crystal Pure drinking water taps for chilled drinking water solutions
• Designed to fit in a standard kitchen undersink cupboard
• In office environments avoids the need for space to be taken up by a floor standing chiller unit
• Simple to use and easy to maintain
• Water chilled using aluminium heat exchange technology which chills the water as it passes through
• Chill capacity 25 litres or 150 glasses per hour (glass 167 ml)
• Check that the chiller specification meets your requirements. This chiller is suitable for smaller frequent draw-offs. For larger infrequent draw-offs consider the Sapphire Ice Bank Water Chiller.
• Aluminium heat exchange units generally provide a lower initial draw-off than ice bank units but have a quicker recovery time and similar hourly capacity
• They generally requires less maintenance than ice bank units
• Plumbed in system gives reduced costs over bottle fed coolers - connects directly to the mains water supply
• Never run out of water
• Chilled water temperature adjustable from 6°C to 14°C
• All our taps for use with the Sapphire chiller are suitable for filling sports bottles and carafes
• Consider the Zen Font with Drain for a stylish sleek solution when mounting the tap over a sink is not possible or desired (see Zen Font with Drain)

Technical Specification

Outer Casing

150 glasses per hour (based on 167 ml glass)

Sanitise every 6 months.

Change drinking water filter approximately every 6 months.

See product instructions for full maintenance requirements.

Refrigerant Type

IP Rating

Power (kW)

Current (amps)

Chilling requires the ambient temperature to be between 10°C and 30°C.

Must be installed by a suitably qualified person.

Minimum water pressure 1 bar,

Maximum water pressure 3 bar. If higher than this a pressure reducing valve is required.

Electrical Connection
Supplied with a pre-wired (1.5m) black kettle lead cable BS plug.


Standard Warranty
2 years parts or replacement warranty.

Data Tables

Product CodeChill Capacity (litres/hour)Sparkling
Product CodeHeight (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Weight (kg)

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