Zen Spa 100°C

2 in 1 Boiling and Chilled Tap
3 and 6 litre boiling water tank


The Zen Spa is a 2 in 1 hot and cold drinks station. In the home it replaces the need for a kettle and provides high quality cold (ambient) drinking water. The Zen Spa can be installed over a sink or with the stylish, tempered glass design Zen Font.

In the office it replaces the traditional need for a wall mounted boiling water unit and separate floor standing chiller.



• All of the features and benefits of the Zen Solo plus cold (ambient) or chilled drinking water from a single tap
• Commercial specification available in 3 and 6L models
• Energy efficient boiling water tank - costs just 4p a day, based on standing losses 17 W. Electricity cost 10p/ kWh.
• Modular solution allows you to tailor the tap to your individual requirements
• Cold (ambient) drinking water models connect directly to the incoming water supply
• Chilled drinking water models include an undersink chiller
• Choice of Sapphire chiller unit to suit your application
• Sapphire Aluminium Heat Exchange Undersink Chiller provides an hourly capacity of 25L (see Sapphire Water Chiller, Undersink, Aluminium Heat Exchange)
• Sapphire Ice Bank Undersink Chiller provides an hourly capacity of 30L (see Sapphire Water Chiller, Undersink, Ice Bank)
• High quality cold drinking water filter supplied (F1T) (see Drinking Water Filters)
• If you are in a hard scale area you may also need a scale filter on the inlet side of the boiling tank F3SST (see Drinking Water Filters)
• 6L model comprises 2 x 3 litre boiling water tanks with linking kit
• For full details of each Zen Spa package see Zen Range Packages

Technical Specification

Boiling Specification
** Sapphire Undersink Chiller specifications set out on Sapphire Water Chiller, Aluminium Heat Exchange and Sapphire Water Chiller, Ice Bank pages

Outer Casing
Tap - polished chrome finish
Other tap finishes available on request at additional cost
Tank - durable high impact PC/ABS

Water Tank
Stainless steel

Heating Element
Stainless steel

Electronic to control water up to boiling point

Highly efficient aerogel thermal insulation

Initial Draw off
15 cups/10 mugs based on 167ml cup and 250ml mug.
Double draw off for 6 litre model.

Overheat temperature protection (manual re-set).

Safety lock mechanism.

Supplied expansion vessel and pressure relief valve must be fitted.

IP Rating

This appliance must be installed in a frost free environment.

Required hole diameter for mounting tap 32mm – fits in a standard sink.
Sink/counter top up to 50mm thick.

The dispensed water temperature can be adjusted down to 98°C on installation if required.

Must be installed by a suitably qualified person.

Intended for connection to the mains water supply.

Minimum water pressure 1 bar.

Maximum water pressure 4.2 bar. If higher than this a pressure reducing valve may be required.

Supplied expansion vessel and pressure relief valve must be fitted.

Electrical Connection
Installation must comply with current IEE wiring regulations.

Supplied with a pre-wired (1m) BS plug.

WRAS (98°C model only)

Standard Warranty
2 year parts or replacement warranty.

Data Tables

Product CodeDescription
SPA3LZen Spa 100°C Tap 3L Boiling and Ambient
SPA6LZen Spa 100°C Tap 6L Boiling and Ambient
SPA3LC25Zen Spa 100°C Tap 3L Boiling and 25L/ h Chilled
SPA6LC25Zen Spa 100°C Tap 6L Boiling and 25L/ h Chilled
SPA3LC30Zen Spa 100°C Tap 3L Boiling and 30L/ h Chilled
SPA6LC30Zen Spa 100°C Tap 6L Boiling and 30L/ h Chilled
Product CodeCapacity (litres)Heat Up Time (mins)Standing Loss (kWh/day)*
SPA3L all models3140.42 17 W
SPA6L all models6140.84 34 W

*Standing loss figures are for the boiling tank only. The 6 litre model comprises 2 x 3L tanks. Costs 8p a day for 2 x 3L tanks.

Product CodeHeight (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Weight (kg) EmptyWeight (kg) Full
ZEN Spa Tap (all models)320224561.6-
ZEN Spa 3L Tank4591812204.37.3


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